Transatlantic duo Teenage Love came together via serendipity when Anna Lidell visited New York City and met Katy Gunn, a Brooklynite. From that point forward, between plane rides and file transfers, the two gave birth to their electro-pop-classical-groove baby, Teenage Love.

Their original use of strings, synths and heavy grooves combined with quirky lyrics and a playful sense of irony have landed them features on multiple tastemaker blogs, (NPR’s invisibilia, indieshuffle, The Deli Magazine). Hilly Dilly writes, ‘there’s a sense of fun surmised that simply can’t be duplicated with any other act out right now’. They are featured on Spotify's U.S. Viral 50.

After their performance at Trailer Park festival in Copenhagen, Ivan Rod from GAFFA wrote, 'The music is eclectic and technically demanding. That combined with ease, joy and enthusiasm, which is so much a part of their music makes the experience multifaceted and great'. Katy's classical chops on violin and Anna's use of electronic drums and live samples during performance add a unique blend of skills, combined with their live vocals, which merge in a sonically unified way.

Teenage Love is a sunny day in a neon-lit office. A space for the shy and playful to get their sexy groove on.