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Le Gammeltoft recommends Teenage Love at Trailerpark Festival

The influential and awesome radio host Le Gammeltoft recommendsTeenage LoveCHINAH and Lydmor & Bon Homme as the three act to watch on TRAILERPARK FESTIVAL <3 <3

Best of 2016 electronic music

The Deli Magazine announces the best electronic acts of 2016 and Teenage Love is ON THE LIST! ;) Read more here

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The danish version of SongExploder is called "Selvskrevet" and directed by the great DR journalist Benedikte Grandvig. In this section Teenage Love breaks down the track  'Lazer Eyes' and explain it's violin blisters, breaks and mansplaining.

Announced by the The Deli Magazine


"Bicontinental duo Katy Gunn (Brooklyn) and Anna Lidell (Copenhagen) charmed us right away with their band Teenage Love's debut EP "Gold." Their tracks balance elegant, jazz informed melodies with an unconventional approach partly reminiscent of some of the most approachable material by NYC electronicexperimenteur Laurie Anderson. Hopefully in 2016,  to cultivate this promising project, the two ladies will find themselves on the same side of the ocean more often than not."

Good Because Danish Premieres New Video


"Its beauty lays in simplicity and honesty. The images that catch your heart the most, are those that show real life, no illusion. That’s what the video to Teenage Love’s song is like: true, honest, showing the beauty of a very random, real situation. No glitter, glamour or drama is needed. Just fruits and summer images." Thank you for the beautiful words Good because Danish! And thanks again to Anna Emma Haudal for creating these beautiful, honest yet fun images!


PopMatters Video Premiere of 'Deserted Places'

August 19th, 2015

"Comprised of Copenhagen-based electronic producer Anna Lidell and New York-based violinist and singer Katy Gunn, transatlantic duo Teenage Love released their charming debut EP last month. They’ve just put together a wonderful video for the wry little song “Deserted Places” that not only showcases their minimalist orchestral pop, but their tremendously dry sense of humor as well."

EP review The Wild Mag

June 30th, 2015

"I think I’m falling in love with Teenage Love on their new EP, GOLD. The five-track record, which is their first EP since forming in 2014, ranges from witty and bold to soulful and deep. GOLDblends the beats and rhythms of tUnE-yArDs, electronic, soulful violin stylings akin to Clean Bandit, and lyrics and melodies reminiscent of Kate Nash (see “Lazer Eyes” verse: “I know that you think that you’re the head of the army— I am the captain, the general, the king” ). All together, Teenage Love have concocted a sound that gives a nod to these inspiration, but nevertheless, remains so dynamic, fun, and original. Despite the ultra catchy tunes, the duo never fail to go deeper in lyric and message. If there’s one thing you should take from GOLD, remember—”life is short, make a mess.”

EP review GIGsoup

July 13th, 2015

"Teenage Love is made up of electronic music producer Anna Lidell from Copenhagen and violinist Katy Gunn from New York, whose debut EP ‘Gold’ essentially sounds like two friends having fun. Their music is sweet and cheerful, and Teenage Love’s electronic indie-pop at times feel like acts such as St.Vincent"

Delicious Audio Q&A about gear

July 7th 2015

"You shouldn’t let go of an ideal band mate: Katy Gunn and Anna Lidell found each other, and not even an ocean in between is slowing down their collaboration, that goes under the name of Teenage Love: the Brooklyn/Copenhagen based duo’s beautifully textural‘Gold’ EP is out today (July 7th, 2015), and, besides bright musical talent, it showcases a playful approach to gear and musical technology, which is surely also crucial in keeping this long distance relationship alive. We asked Katy and Anna a few questions about their gear and creative process."

Delta Radio (DE)

July 1st 2015

♫ German Radio Airplay of 'Deserted Places'
► Buzz Beat Boutique on delta radio • tonight 7.40 PM • Livestream: ◄

Best in new music

June 25th 2015

"The duo write and produce their genre blending-pop music, which has resulted in a sound that's uniquely their own. New track "I Think I'm Falling In Love (With You)" is a mix of classical orchestration, dubstep beat production and traditional pop."


June 23rd 2015

"Teenage Love is an adorable transatlantic duo whose trilling vocals remind me of the ladies of the Dirty Projectors, if they decided to take on Scandinavian synth-pop. Each member of the two-woman team brings something unique to the table; singer Katy Gunn (who hails from Brooklyn) is a classically trained violinist while Copenhagen native Anna Lidell is a whiz with electronic production. "

IndieShuffle features 'Deserted Places'

May 31st 2015

"Welcome to the age of ironic pop music. Welcome to Teenage Love. The electro-pop duo consists of Katy Gunn (Brooklyn) and Anna Lidell (Copenhagen). These two singer-songwriters infuse catchy, candy-coated verses into "Deserted Places," a slick, Marian Hill-like track that is bolstered by its sharp, electronic production. 
I have little doubt that Teenage Love will a sweet taste in your mouth just in time for summer."



German HEY magazine features 'Deserted Places'

June 9th 2015

"Die beiden Singer/Songwriterinnen müssen auf jeden Fall eine ganze Menge Vanilleeis gegessen haben, um diesen wirklich eingängigen Sommer-Pop-Song namens Deserted Places zu schreiben."

The Revue

May 22nd

It’s Friday, so it’s the usual thing here on The Revue – The Weekend Showcase! Twenty new tunes to get you through the weekend.


Teenage Love plays sultry indie pop/dream pop

Wonky Sensative

April 30th, 2015

Recently, the duo shared their rather intriguing new single entitled "Lazer Eyes", which serves as the second track following "Gold" to be taken from their forthcoming self-titled debut EP due out this summer. Listen to "Lazer Eyes" below and while you're at, also be sure to check out their video for "Gold". It's some pretty impressive stuff! 


April 23rd 2015

"A clever exchange between a sustained synth melody and dual vocal runs make up the venturing middle-ground of “Deserted Places”. As the song progresses, many elements begin to play off of one another, introducing manipulated vocals and strings to add depth. As a whole, “Deserted Places” is an exploration and unison of both contemporary and older new age pop, highlighting Teenage Love with its unique structure and enthralling atmosphere."


April 30th, 2015

Lazer eyes on rotation @IndieShuffle!
"tUnE-yArDs used her mellifluous voice to good use with vocal loops, and on this track, Anna Lidell and Katy Gunn (representing Brooklyn and Copenhagen) have perfected this art as well. With the tropical melodies and oddities that made us love Vampire Weekend, "Lazer Eyes" is as cryptic as it is catchy."

Nominated to Artist of the Month

May 12th, 2015

Teenage Love nominated for Artist of the Month in the Deli Magazine NYC

Crayon Beats

April 24th, 2015

"Over dashing violins, Sizzling synth lines and asynchronious claps, the fun beats suits Katy's sweet, quirky vocal harmonies"


April 17th 2015

"Teenage Love – Lazer Eyes. New track from Copenhagen/Brooklyn based duo, Teenage Love. They first got my attention a couple of months ago with their rather beautiful cover of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’. The duo are back with ‘Lazer Eyes’a mesmerising slightly left-field electro pop track. Layering up orchestral elements with heavy percussion based rhythm, and the occasional synth.

All Things Go

April 16, 2015

About Lazer Eyes "The song definitely has a sweet, frenetic tUnE-yArDs vibe to it, also bringing some sweet vocals à laSylvan Esso into the mix"

Separated by the Ocean

April 7, 2015

Separated by an ocean, duo Teenage Love announces upcoming EP. 


Only a powerful musical chemistry can explain how two musicians separated by an ocean can decide to form a band. Copenhagen-based Anna Lidell and NYC's Katy Gunn formed Teenage Love when they met in NYC during Anna's first trip to the US. The two preview singles from their upcoming debut EP combine quirky vocal harmonies, violin melodies and electronic elements in a way vaguely reminiscent of Dirty Projectors, with a slightly less jazzy/experimental inclination."

Hilly Dilly

February, 2015

"The electronic-led production on the piece is ambitious, playful, unfamiliar, and sporadic, and with the two lead vocalists playing occasionally off of each other in harmony, there’s a sense of fun surmised that simply can’t be duplicated with any other act out right now."


February 22nd 2015

"SUNDAY NIGHT GROOVES. It’s been a cold, cold winter and we’ve been snuggling under our blankets with melodic tracks warming our ears. Tonight, we’re going to unwind with (mostly) mellow tunes. Join us to warm up your cold, cold souls ears. 
Teenage Love, Gold."

EDM pop discovers 'Gold'

January, 2015

EDM discovered 'Gold' and now features it on their playlist.

Lady Indie (Montreal) features 'Gold'

October 13, 2014

Teenage Love's Gold Video featured on indie blog Lady Indie (Montreal).

Video Premiere 'Gold'

September 12, 2014

GOLD video premiere by Bands of Tomorrow

*see BLOG post for English translation 

Live Review

August 15, 2014



Bands of Tomorrow Review, 'New Project Exudes Girl Power'

August 14, 2014

Teenage Love is Band of the Week on Danish National Radio's KarriereKanonen, featuring track, 'I think I'm Falling in Love' 

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