Happy Songs, Committed Girls - 4/5 stars

Bands of Tomorrow, Natalie Mortensen

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Katy Gunn was on the program Saturday night at the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival. She is last year's holder of ' Best New Artist ' and this year had an extra surprise with her. Katy is in fact one half of the new Danish/American duo : Teenage Love, and therefore had the lovely Anna Lidell on stage . It was Teenage Love's first concert and my expectations were soaring. And the girls did not disappoint! The show was full of energy and there is no doubt the two work well together and love the music they write. They were definitely having fun in front of an excited crowd, smiling and laughing with each other on stage - and the singing was stellar. Katy and Anna's voices blend perfectly together - both parts were clean and clear. Katy played the violin , while Anna set loose on electronic drums. Teenage Love rocked out on stage with very danceable tunes (the four numbers they were able to play) and, as the concert came to an end , the audience cried out for more. The girls wrote and recorded everything they performed just three weeks prior to this evening, which was a great surprise for the audience, and impressive at that. If you want to read more about Teenage Love, you can learn more about the girls and their music in our article about them .

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