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We Make Music For The Young At Heart – KARRIERE­KANONEN (Danish National Radio), Cathrine Rodalgaard

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This week's article is a new initiative from KarriereKanonen which focuses on the emerging growth in Danish music.

Funny stories and teenage love..

Violins, beats, synthesizers and well-woven vocal harmonies. The duo Teenage Love is composed of a conservatory trained violinist and sound producer, creating a common playground of naive pop, over-the-top production and quirky ideas.

'The song is about two friends sharing funny stories from their past. In the midst of intimacy, trust and secret stories shared, they suddenly realize they are falling in love with each other', state Katy Gunn and Anna Lidell, which together constitute Teenage Love.

LISTEN Teenage Love in Debut at P6 BEAT (http://goo.gl/CXEedm)

The girls gathered for several hours, told each other their most embarrassing and memorable stories before agreeing on which story was best for the song.

They ended up using the story where one of them jumped into a fountain in Trafalgar Square (London), making out with a date until the police came, abruptly ending the romance of the moment. Running to avoid arrest, wearing a heavy, wet leather jacket, she and her date jumped onto a bus to escape - but we won't say which one the story belongs to.

'I Think I'm Falling In Love ' is a song that you will definitely fall for. It's flippant and skewed like a teenage love. The two songwriters perform just the right antics, so it lands perfectly in the ear canal. " - Editors of the week, KarriereKanonen

Katy Gunn comes from Tucson, Arizona and Anna Lidell from Risskov near Aarhus.

Three years ago, the two met in New York City for a cup of coffee through a mutual friend. A half hour later, Katy handed her apartment key to Anna and said she was going home to Arizona for a week, and that Anna was welcome to stay at her place while she was away. The vote of confidence was the beginning of their friendship.

This summer, they spent one month in a cottage in Mols, writing and recording five numbers. From this Teenage Love was born.

'We've previously played in more serious musical projects and decided we wanted to just have some fun. It's liberating to make music that is a bit 'over the top' in some ways. Silly, sarcastic, while at the same time sexy. It's basically teenage music for adults' , they say.

LISTEN to Teenage Love radio debut in Taste P3

How do you work when making your music ?

'Since we're both songwriters, producers and musicians, we'll each sit in front of the computer and lay down ideas - using our instruments and/or voices. We'll swap back and forth between manning the controls, and singing or playing instruments into the microphone'.

'We've been very busy. In one week, we've completed five songs for an EP, released two singles, played two festivals and made ​​our first home-made music video'.

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