Video premiere on Bands of Tomorrow


TEENAGE LOVE'S FIRST VIDEO has just been released/announced by Bands of Tomorrow (Denmark). If you don't speak Danish, they dig our first attempt at film :)



The duo Teenage Love is ready with a beautifully crafted music video for their song, " Gold " which Anna Lidell and Katy Gunn came up with this summer for their musical project, Teenage Love. Their music comprises of: electronic beats, synth, violin and two beautifully blended vocals.

After debuting their first song, KarriereKanonen said of their number, "It is flippant and skewed, just like a teenage love. The two songwriters perform just the right antics as the number lands perfectly in the ear canal. "

Our reviewer, here at Bands of Tomorrow, was also enthusiastic about the duo, as it can be read here. Now they are ready with a music video for their song, "Gold " where the various elements of their sound come into focus. Check out this video.

GOLD (click here)


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